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Evolution and Intelligent Design

There was once a theory called Intelligent Design,
And on matters of science it did whine and opine,
Now it claimed to explain all the the origins of life,
But with hundreds of inaccuracies it was rife,
And all it really said was: it’s too hard, we resign.

On priests

There was once a priest named Haggard
After his sermons, he did look knackered
Tis’ just my hard work for the lord, he would say.
And his gullible flock too did swallow him, but nay,
Actually he was just tired from all the sex gay.

On Dubya

There was once a President named Bush
For freedom and democracy, he said, we should make a push
That was the story he managed to sell
By scare-mongering, all opposition he did quell
And thereby turned the world into a living hell

My brain is reeling a bit from all the rhyming and the weird sentence structures. So this is a test sentence to see if I can still speak and write normal English. I guess I can!

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